We want to make a change. We want to show that high quality and environmentally friendly outdoor clothing shouldn’t cost a fortune. There is no question whether we humans have a negative impact on the environment or not. Especially the textile business has a big and negative impact on the environment.

It’s a contradiction that the outdoor business which is based on people enjoying great nature and wildlife, has one of the biggest impacts on the environment.

We want to change this negative impact. We want to be a part of the solution so that many generations to come can enjoy the wildlife and great nature that exists around the world.

NorthernFrontier has taken steps to improve the production and the use of environmentally friendly materials. In our models Zugspitze, Amundsen Exclusive and Teide we have changed the reinforced fabric with pure cotton fabric. 50% of the fabric is now organic. The fabric has the same strength as before but is a lot more environmentally friendly compared to earlier.

This is just the beginning. We will improve a lot in the years to come. And by supporting us you are making sure that we can develop and introduce more and better environmentally friendly clothing for outdoor use. We will never introduce environmentally hostile materials such as fleece to our collection.