About us

NorthernFrontier is a new up and coming brand for premium outdoor clothing!

We are a game changer in our market. Our goal is to show everyone that high quality doesn’t need to cost a fortune! In short time we have sold several thousand products and the feedback from our customers is excellent! We will strongly focus on making top quality products with the best materials and production methods. Our products should be compared with other premium outdoor brands regarding quality and functionality. The only difference is the price! We also believe that outdoor clothes should be colorful and fresh. That’s why our clothes comes in many different and fresh colors. We will offer our products directly from factory to end customer. This way we can offer premium quality products at the best price in the whole world! 100% price guarantee.


We only sell our products through our website to keep the price as low as possible.

NorthernFrontier is developed by dedicated outdoor enthusiasts who spends a lot of time testing each product to make sure the quality and functionality is the best. We will continuously keep on developing new products to keep up with our competitors. All our products are tested in many different environments such as rough Scandinavian mountains and all the way up to the Himalayas. Our goal is to give you as a customer the best outdoor experience by having the best outdoor clothing available on the market. This is why we offer 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our customer service is excellent and you can easily contact us by email and we will respond in short time. To make sure we provide the best customer service we have office at our factory in China and a customer service office in Europe.



All our products are produced in China. As we have warehouses in China and Europe we can easily transmit our design and requirements to the production and make sure we get everything exactly how we want. Our goal is to make the best quality outdoor clothes on the market! We also focus on sustainable production for the environment and for our workers. We try to use the most environmentally friendly materials and production methos available on the market, and we will continue to do so.