connect with us

What is "Connect with us"?

"Connect with us" is a campaign which will give you the chance to present yourself in the way you want the world to see you! Be inspiration for others and tell us your story!

All you need to do is to tag a picture or a video wearing one of our pants or jackets and answer at least two of these questions. You need to tag the picture or video on Instagram with #Connect_NF and send the picture/video to our email

-When did you start to hike?

-What makes you to start hiking?

-How long are you hiking?

-Who is your best partner for hiking and why?

-What's your biggest ups and downs while hiking?

-What's was your best destination for hiking?

-What's your next visit destination?

Tell us your tips and advices, tell us everything you think we should know about you!

The campaign will run until 31th May! We will choose 5 winners for the top 5 pictures and 3 winners for the top 3 videos! We will consider the quality of the pictures, the answers and the story when we choose the winners. The winners for the best pictures will receive one pair of pants each. The winners of the best videos will receive 3 pair of pants each!

Are you ready? Get, set, go! #Connect_NF

Your Pictures & Videos